I started buying my guitars four years ago when I was persuaded by my mate 'Mal C' to play again after a break of almost 16 years.  Until then my only instruments were an Ovation Breadwinner - originally purchased in the early 70's and a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Sunburst which I bought from a fellow guitarist in Durham. 

Right now the collection consists of the following instruments:

Ovation Breadwinner - 2 of them,

Ovation Viper,

Ovation Preacher,

70's Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Sunburst

Rickenbacker 620/12

Yamaha MSG Standard

80's Yamaha SG510

Yamaha SG3000

Gordon Smith Les Paul Jnr 20th Anniversary Edition

Gordon Smith Gypsy with Cutaway, Hollow Body

Fender American Stratocaster - 2 of them

Fender HMT Strat

Fender GA Electro Acoustic

Paul Reed Smith 2004 Custom 24   

Aria Pro II ES - 200  


           Gordon Smith  Les Paul Jnr                                   Gordon Smith Gypsy

            20th Anniversary Edition                                Double Cutaway hollow body



Fender HMT Stratocaster                                 Fender American Strat



  Fender American Strat                                         Fender GA Electro Acoustic



 Paul Reed Smith 2004 Custom                                                                                                                                         



   Rickenbacker 620/12



Yamaha SG510 80's Japanese Original 



                    Ovation Viper                                             Ovation Breadwinner